If there’s one thing you could say about John Carmack, it’s that he’s an interesting read to say the least. On October 30, id Software finally released the iPhone version of Doom Classic. For $6.99, gamers get 36 levels of classic Hell goodness from all four original episodes: Knee-Deep in the Dead, Shores of Hell, Inferno, and Thy Flesh Consumed. The game even provides deathmatch and cooperative play for up to four players via ‘wireless Internet.’

Once the game finally swam past the infamous Apple mad scientists stationed in the App Store, Carmackof the iPhone remake, talking about putting the project aside to work on Doom 4(!) and Rage, or how id software decided to put the game aside so it didn’t clash with Doom Resurrection. He even goes into the whole networking issue, revealing how 3G was disappointing and overall caused ping times of 360 ms despite its ‘speed.’

But somewhere in that plethora of gaming goodness, Carmack revealed that the company is indeed working on Quake Classic for the iPhone. ‘We have two people at Id that are going to be dedicated to iPhone work,’ he said. ‘I doubt I will be able to personally open Xcode again for a few months, but I do plan on trying to work out a good touch interface for Quake Classic and the later 6DOF games.’

Carmack also said that there may be a free tech demo using the company’s idTech 5 megatexture content creation pipeline, and also mentions the Rage themed game in his update as well.  ‘I’m not sure exactly what game I would like to do with it, so it might be a 500 MB free gee-whiz app,’ he said, referring to the idTech 5 demo. ‘I want to work on a Rage themed game to coincide with Rage’s release, but we don’t have a firm direction or team chosen for it.  I was very excited about doing a really-designed-for-the-iPhone first person shooter, but at this point I am positive that I don’t have the time available for it.’

Quake… my favorite game of all time! -kp

Netflix lets your streaming account be used by up to four people at a time — but some of those people may be complete strangers halfway around the world.

Stolen Netflix account credentials are sold for as little as 25 cents apiece wholesale in online black markets, according to U.S. information- security company Symantec. The company says credentials are generally stolen either by phishing emails, or by malware posing as Netflix apps that may also steal credentials for online bank accounts.

Last month, Netflix suddenly expanded its streaming service to, including some nominally hostile to the United States, such as Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. The only major exceptions were Syria, North Korea and China.

This marketing coup also means that there are now a lot of potential Netflix customers in poorer countries who can’t afford to spend $8 a month for access on their Android phones — but can certainly pay a buck or two to the guys running the cellphone shop down the street. That cut-rate access comes through stolen credentials.

Your account, up for sale

‘There is an underground economy targeting users who wish to access Netflix for free or a reduced price,’ Symantec’swrote in a company blog posting Feb. 11. ‘The most common offers are for existing Netflix accounts. These accounts either provide a month of viewing, or give full access to the premium service.

‘In most advertisements for these services, the seller asks the buyer not to change any information on the accounts, such as the password, as it may render them unusable,’ Payet added. ‘This is because a password change would alert the user who had their account stolen of the compromise.’

There are so many stolen Netflix credentials out there that Payet’s screenshots of online black markets include an ad for a tool called ” that spits out freshly compromised credentials in bulk, for people who want to resell those credentials to end users. It can be accessed for set periods of time — $10 for a week, $20 for a month or $30 forever.

‘NetflixGenerator is a unique tool that generates freshly cracked accounts,’ the ad reads. ‘You can generate almost unlimited accounts per day. We update our account list daily to ensure you get only the freshest accounts.’

The golden ticket to unlimited streaming

With such a thriving trade in stolen Netflix credentials, online criminals need to steal more and more of them.

Payet notes that one method of doing so involves the good old— an email message or browser pop-up window that says you need to log back into your Netflix account for some reason, then takes you to a fake Netflix login page. Your email address and password are sent to criminals, and just to add injury to insult, the fake page may ask for your credit-card number as well.

But Netflix is so popular, Symantec says, thatposing as Netflix applications has cropped up as well.

‘One malware campaign involves malicious files posing as Netflix software on compromised computers’ desktops,’ Payet wrote. ‘The files are downloaders that, once executed, open the Netflix home page as a decoy and secretly download Infostealer.Banload. Banload steals banking information from the affected computer.’

Payet added that ‘the files are most likely downloaded by users who may have been tricked by fake advertisements or offers of free or cheaper access to Netflix.’

How to check for suspicious Netflix activity, and what to do about it

It couldn’t hurt to log into your Netflix account on a desktop computer and go to the.

See anything there that you’re sure that you, or anyone that you know shares your account, didn’t watch? If so, then you’ll want to change your password at. (Make sure.) The password change will force all users to sign in again with the new password.

If you’d rather not change the password, but want to give freeloaders a scare (and tell the credentials sellers that you’re on to them), you can just sign out all devices using your credentials at. The sign-out process may take up to 8 hours to populate to all devices, Netflix says.

These devices are expected to be in the range of $460 and $600, according to Digitimes, and are intended to be direct competition for Asus’s EeePad Transformer Prime. However, it won’t be plain sailing for the these tablet manufacturers. Digitimes sources are concerned as to how successful the tablets can be in a market where Apple and Amazon are believed to account for the lion’s share. These sources said that non-Apple tablets may only account for 10 to 15 percent of the entire tablet market.

Additionally, though the excitement surrounding quad-core tablets is palpable, it is unclear just how much value a quad-core processor has in the tablet market, where hardware horsepower isn’t as important as it is in a PC. Tablets have established a perception of ‘good-enough’ computing and consumers tend to care little about the RAM or the actual processor in such a device if it does not offer any useful application or advantages. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Asus, Acer and Lenovo will need to overcome this by establishing an experience perception and developing a marketing strategy that describes how the quad-core processor enables experience.


that over 1.2 million PlayStation Vita units have been sold as of Sunday, February 26, 2012. The device made its debut in Japan back on December 17, 2011, and saw a quick drop in units sold after the first week. Sony then launched the Vita in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea shortly thereafter, and then packed its bags and finally headed west on February 22, 2012, landing in North and Latin America, Europe and PAL territories.

As of February 19,had been sold in Japan — only 12,309 units were sold in the current week and 13,939 units in the previous week. Yet if the overall number of units surpassed 1.2 million, then around 600,000 units have flown across retail shelves in the other territories in less than a week. While that may look like good news for Sony, the company also saw a huge surge of movement in the first week of Vita’s lifespan in Japan before sales took a plunge.

Yet compared to the Nintendo 3DS launch here in the west, the PlayStation Vita seems to be doing slightly better in sales. Last year Nintendo sold around 400,000 units here in the U.S., 113,000 units in the UK, and 31,000 units in Australia, equaling a total of 544,000 units in the first week. Even more, the 3DS sold for its original price of $249.99 before Nintendo was forced to knock $80 off the pricetag months later to move the product off store shelves.

That said, it seems that consumers see more value in the PlayStation Vita’s $249.99/$299.99 price tag. While lacking the 3D component offered by Nintendo’s product, the PlayStation Vita seemingly does everything a mobile gamer could ever want save for making actual voice calls. Sony also played it smart and established a solid ‘social’ network that provides music, video, gaming and more — Nintendo has yet to launch anything comparable.

‘PS Vita was designed to deliver the ultimate portable entertainment experience, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the reaction we’re seeing from consumers and the pace at which PS Vita is selling,’ said Andrew House, President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. ‘The market has responded and there is clear demand for a mobile device capable of providing a revolutionary combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real world context. To sustain momentum, we’re working closely with 3rd party developers and publishers to ensure the best games and franchises possible will be available on PS Vita, and our software line up for the remainder of 2012 will have something for everyone across the globe.’

So far there are more than 25 titles available for the PlayStation Vita including EA Sports FIFA Football, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 from Capcom, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048 and Escape Plan from SCE Worldwide Studios. More than 70 titles are currently in development.

9to5Mac isthat Apple is currently working on an in-house radio application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This application will supposedly run in the background and offer the same features as the FM radio seen on the new iPod Nano. There’s even mention that the app will feature Live Pause functionality.

Both the iPhone 3GS and the iPod 3G have an FM transmitter and receiver installed, however currently there are no apps to activate the latent hardware. The same holds true with the iPhone and iPod Touch 2G, however these models have FM radio receivers only. Apple previously performed the same stunt with the dormant Bluetooth hardware, activating the tech long after the devices hit the market.

9to5Mac added that Apple is currently attempting to integrate the Mobile iTunes Store purchase functionality into the radio app using Song Tagging, thus delaying its release. The site provides an example on how the tagging will work: users will hear a song on the radio and can then push a button to pull up and purchase the tune in the iTunes Store. Of course, this will only work if the station supports Song Tagging.

As seen, the iPod Touch 2G features Broadcom’sWi-Fi and Bluetooth chip. The company’s overview clearly reveals that the chip has a built-in FM receiver in addition to the integrated IEEE 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.

, a streaming media player that will bring FaceBook, YouTube, Netflix and over 130 channels and apps to any HDTV or analog TV. It has both 10/100 Ethernet and 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity, making it an ideal gadget for the den, living room or bedroom. It even transforms the TV into a digital photo album with Picasa.

‘Whether you are looking to stream the latest flicks from VUDU, catch up on your favorite TV shows available on Netflix, or just want to listen to some music from Pandora, our new MovieNite Plus offers a simple to use solution that delivers the biggest names in entertainment straight to your TV,’ said Ken Loyd, director, consumer products, D-Link. ‘D-Link continues to deliver user-friendly entertainment solutions offering an unlimited amount of content at the best HD resolution for a great value.’


In the previous, we explored some of the popular SQL clients, and here, let’s discuss NoSQL clients for efficient administration and development.

Databases are the heart of almost every Internet and enterprise application I can think of. The demands for scale, speed, and fast application development have brought a novel breed of NoSQL databases. Since thedatabases vary with their definitions, structure, and functions, the tool/client required to work with them also varies.

The following NoSQL database management tools will help you to improve productivity.  Each tool discussed below has decent UI, which gives you a user-friendly development experience.

NoSQL Client

The name itself is; earlier, it was called mongoclient. It is available with desktop, docker, and web distribution. If you are new to the development in the NoSQL world, It’s recommended to get started with the desktop distribution. If you are familiar with, then it’s better to use docker build.

It supports LDAP, Kerberos, X509 authentication, and some of the other features include the following.

  • Live charts for active collection read/write operations and Live monitoring for memory and database statistics.
  • Smart MongoDB shell with auto-completion
  • File (GridFS) management
  • Aggregation pipeline tool,  drag & drop stages  in between your pipeline list
  • Multiple result views with keeping their history and query vouge
  • Schema analyzer (using variety.js)
  • Field auto-completion for queries


lets you visually explore your data. Run ad-hoc queries in seconds. Interact with your data with full CRUD practically. View and optimize your query performance. It provides you the facility to make smarter decisions about indexing, document validation, and more.


  • Know your data with intrinsic schema visualization
  • Get immediate insight into query performance and server status
  • Visualize, understand, and work along with your geospatial data
  • A higher approach to CRUD makes it easier to interact with your data
  • Understand performance problems  with visual explain plans
  • View utilization and manage your indexes

It is available for Linux, Mac, or Windows.

NoSQL Manager

unites friendly UI and Shell power. It offers an intuitive interface and high performance with support for all the MongoDB and MongoDB Enterprise’s latest features.


  • Fully featured DB GUI Shell with code auto-completion, and syntax highlighting
  • It provides  support for replica sets, standalone hosts and sharded clusters connections
  • The editor comes with three views Tree, Table, and JSON read modes
  • Simple view and management option for all kinds  of MongoDB objects
  • Import tables from MySQL or SQL Server databases
  • Multiple Mongo host database connections
  • Export documents to CSV, XML, XLSX or 

NoSQL Booster

The smartest IDEfor NoSQL DB(formerly MongoBooster) could be a shell-centric cross-platform GUI tool for the NoSQL database, which provides comprehensive server monitoring tools, fluent query builder, SQL query, query code, task scheduling ESNext support, and true IntelliSense experience.


  • Monitor and Tune for Performance
  • Learn MongoDB with Free Interactive Samples
  • Fluent MongoDB Query builder
  • Schema Analyzer
  • Shell Extensions, Using Node Modules, Lodash, Momentjs in Script

Robo Mongo

(formerly Robomongo) is a contemporary, robust, and community-driven MongoDB management tool for MongoDB enthusiasts. This lightweight, open-source tool has cross-platform support and additionally embeds the mongo shell within its interface to provide both shell and GUI-based interaction. It’s developed by the 3T Software package, the team behind Studio 3T, the IDE for MongoDB.


is a professional GUI tool for the NoSQL database. It offers fully-featured shell, in-place editing, multiple levels of authentication, data transfer between databases, and a lot more.


is a modern, native with a friendly GUI tool. It permits you to manage multiple relational as well as non-relational databases such as MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. simultaneously.

It doesn’t store any of your information to their server. All database credentials are safely kept within your computer storage.


is a modern opensource database development and admin tool. You can download for Mac, Windows, Linux.


  • Rich text editor with auto-complete, syntax highlighting, and code info.
  • Unique real-time Performance dashboard.
  • Visual explain plan.
  • Index advisor.
  • Graphical aggregation pipeline builder.
  • One-click access to MongoDB administration commands.
  • Real-time view of user activity.
  • Storage analyzer.
  • SQL queries with Apache Drill.
  • Convert MongoDB commands to Node.js syntax.
  • Data load and unload utility.
  • Profiling manager.
  • Chart builder.

Studio 3T

is an integrated development environment designed particularly for teams working with NoSQL Database:


  • Autocomplete queries with IntelliShell
  • Drag and drop fields to build queries visually
  • Use SQL, with INNER and OUTER joins, to query DB
  • Generate driver-code from SQL or shell into PHP, Python, Javascript, and others
  • Effortlessly compare and synchronize data
  • Build aggregation queries stage by stage
  • Automate and schedule repetitive MongoDB tasks

Aqua Data Studio

is a universal, integrated development environment for NoSQL databases and visual analytics.


  • Modern and intuitive GUI
  • Flexible administration and management of databases.
  • Powerful SQL editor, visual query builder, and ER diagram modeler.
  • In-depth comparison of schema, data, or files, and synchronization of schema
  • Easily integration with version control systems for SQL and files
  • Provides connectivity to 30+ data sources including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM Db2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, Cassandra, Snowflake, and generic ODBC


I hope the above clients helps you to manage NoSQL databases more efficiently.

Usually, we’re exactly the kind of people when it comes to R2-D2 anything,or, we’d probably be up for pretty much anything, if it’s done right. We just can’t make decide if this music player from Toys R Us has been done right.

Boasting 2GB of storage, this little guy also has a little color display around back along with some hardware buttons for all your skip, back, play, pause and volume needs. However, as Technabob points out, the image itself looks a little fishy. It’s got a distinct whiff of iPod to it and we’re not sure if it’s genuine. While there’s every chance the device does have a snazzy color display, it’s not mentioned in the product details (though the buttons are), so we don’t want you to get your hopes up only to discover it doesn’t look like the photo.

Pricewise, you’re looking at $45, and Toys R Us recommends this for kids aged 6 – 8 years. What do you think? Good choice for a kid’s first music player or a total waste of money?

Looking to learn a new language kills beginners’ time. We heard your voice, and here is the curated list of best resources to learn Python.

This article helps you to find the beginner-friendly resources to learn the most popular programming language – Python.

Why should we learn Python?

Many people now want to learn the, i.e., Python. Some of them have a reason, and others don’t.

Before going to learn any programming language, question yourself that why are you going to learn it? This question gives you some clarity. And know what can you do if you teach yourself that programming language. Most probably, those two questions provide a clear idea about the plans for learning it.

It’s a good practice to know the features of programming language that you are interested to learn. And what works it can do for you? We are going to see all of them.

What is Python?

is a high-level, interpreted, and open-source language. Python supports both object-oriented and procedural programming paradigms.

Why is Python so popular?

Let’s see the features of Python, which make it one of the top programming languages.

English like Syntax

The syntax of Python is so comfortable for beginners. If you read the Python code, you will get the feeling of reading English. It reduced the stress to remember the syntax. If you don’t believe me see the below code snippet.

a = 1b = 1if a is b:	print('Hi')a = 2000print('Yeah!') if a % 2 == 0 else print('No!')

You will get to know the greatness of the Python once you get into it.


Python comes with a bulk number of built-in modules and libraries. There is anfor Python programming language. Modules and libraries make the life of a programmer easier. They help to solve problems that can’t be solved with the standard features of Python.

Dynamically Typed

It’s a dynamically typed language. We don’t have to worry about the declarations of the variables in coding. If you see other programming languages like C, C++, Java, etc.., we have to declare the variables using any one of the data types supported by that programming language. See example code in language.

#include <stdio.h>int main() {	int a = 1;	printf('%d', a);	return 0;}

Let’s see the same code in Python.

a = 1print(a)

Python will automatically take the type of the variable based on the value. It reduced a lot of time for developers. We don’t have to worry about the kind of data. Just Assign it.


Python follows the programming proverb, i.e., Code Once Run Anywhere. We can use the Python on any platform. You need only Python to run any Python code. Python doesn’t care about your platform.

Those are the most popular features of Python. It has a lot of other features that will help to achieve your goals in the development.

What can we do with Python?

We can use Python in most of the software fields. Let’s see the standard and most used areas of Python.

Machine Learning and Data Science

Python is preferred for machine learning and data science.

We can compute the complicated math equations using Python with effortless. We have libraries like pandas, numpy, matplotlib, etc.., which helps machine learning engineers and data scientists.

Web Development

There are frameworks out there for web development in Python.

The most popular web frameworks for Python are Django and a more robust framework than Flask. You can develop a simple website to complex web application using these frameworks.  Both frameworks are beginner-friendly and easy to learn with the documentation.

Web Scraping

Web scraping is one of the main areas of Python.

We can make web crawlers in Python with a library called scrapy, BeautifulSoup4, andfor scraping the data.


You can do literally anything to automate repetitive sysadmin tasks.

  • Interacting with OS (Windows, UNIX, etc.)
  • Performing maintenance
  • Deploying an application
  • Website testing
  • Downloading data

We can also use the Python for GUI (Graphical User Interface) development, Games development with PyGameNetwork programming, etc.., You can get a chance to explore the world of Python once you get started.

I hope you get an idea of why Python is getting so much popularity. For a growing language like Python will have many resources (paid and free) to learn. That’s a problem for beginners like me (once). We have many options to learn Python. That’s so confusing.

But don’t worry, the following are carefully curated.

Video Courses

We have many websites that provide video courses for free and fee. Let’s see the best courses from them.


Udemy is a website that provides online video courses at a nominal price.

You will find a lot of courses available to learn Python. The most popular that is beginner-friendly, and less cost is

You will get a completion certificate after the completion. But, it doesn’t add any value to your resume. The knowledge that you get from the course is matters, not the certificates.

Go to the course and check the content and what you learn from the course. If you are satisfied with the course structure and preview videos, go for it.


is taught by Georgia Tech. It’s a certification program that can take approx 5 months by spending 9-10 hours a week.

You are expected to learn fundamentals, control structure, data structure, objects, and algorithms.


offers an introduction to Python for data science. The course content is focused on data analysis and scientific computing with NumPy.

You require to have around 4 hours to complete this course and you can take it anytime from anywhere. You’ll learn various data science tools to store, analyze, and manipulate the data. If you are aiming for a data scientists then this is a must.

TalkPython Training

TalkPython training is a course that teaches Python by building projects.

You can learn how to do projects in Python along with the syntax of Python. After completion of this course, you can work on your projects in Python. The course isThe course costs $69 for lifetime access.

Before going to take any paid course, check the outline and content of the course.

YouTube Channel

A beginner-friendlythat is completely FREE.


Some of you may not like the video courses. If you like reading, then this section is for you.


W3Schools is famous for web development. But in recent times, added new tutorials like Python, Java, C++, C#, etc.., You can find the tutorials. The tutorials are completely free and help you learn the Python without any efforts.


The tutorials on Programiz are easy to understand and learn. We will find a lot of examples for each concept in the tutorials. It also provides an online interpreter to work with Python. You can see the course


Educative is a premium learning platform. You access the course.

You will learn all the basics of Python and will get enough knowledge to improve your Python skills further.

After the completion of basics on the educative, you will find a lot of other courses to take your Python skills to the next.


If you like to read books, then this section is for you. We are going to see the most popular books to learn Python.

Python Crash Course

Python Crash Course book naturally teaches you Python. You can also work on some projects in the book. Eric Matthes, the author walks you through different types of projects like game developing, data visualization, etc.., You can find it on the.

Head First Python

Head First Python is a book that teaches Python without getting boring. As the name suggests, it is a brain-friendly book for learning the Python. You can get the book from.


If you want to learn practical things using Python, then this is the best book for you. The book walks through the concepts of Python using practical examples. At the end of this, you can create your projects with the knowledge you got from the book. You can order this book from.

This book is also available on.

Learning Python

Learning Python, 5th Edition, is one the most popular Python books from the O’Reilly publications. You will in-depth knowledge using this book. You can buy the book from.


Go through the previews of any courses before getting started. It helps a lot. If you like the way that the author explaining things, then go for it. We have plenty of options to learn Python.

You may also refer to the official. As a beginner, you may feel it difficult to start with the official documentation. So, I suggest you take anyone from the mentioned list in the article.

I hope you find some useful resources to start your journey as a Python programmer.

Happy Learning 🙂

We first heard about the PlayBook well over a year ago and the device was first shown off in September of last year. It’s been a long and winding road since then, but the device is finally available for purchase in U.S. and Canadian stores as of today.

The run-up to the availability of this RIM tablet has been peppered with unveiling of many similar (and some quite impressive) devices from competing companies. Of course, the iPad 2 has been out for a while, but customers in the market for a tablet will also be considering the Motorola Xoom, the not-yet-released Asus’ EeePad Transformer, the upcoming Galaxy Tab 10, the LG Optimus Pad, Acer’s new line of tablets, and a whole ream of other slates and tabs either already available or promised for the very near future. To say it’s up against some stiff competition would be a huge understatement.

The PlayBook has come under fire for the fact that it won’t be shipping with a native email, contacts or calendar applications. These features are available for users pairing their RIM device with their BlackBerry phone, but those without a BlackBerry will have to wait until RIM release native apps for these missing PIM functions.

Despite this, the Wall Street Journal cites retailers that say the device is seeing ‘steady’ sales. Sears in Toronto told the newspaper that though it didn’t compare to iPad frenzy, there were a handful of people waiting to buy the PlayBook at 7am this morning. Similarly a Best Buy in Boston also said people were waiting outside for the store to open. In the Stapes on Broadway in New York City, all 10 PlayBooks in stock were sold out within a couple of hours. A salesperson told the Wall Street Journal they were placing customer orders online. However, in Akron, Ohio, sales had yet to even start by late morning. Just before noon, a Best Buy situated there told WSJ that despite advance orders, they hadn’t sold a single unit.

Did you buy a BlackBerry PlayBook? Are you also a BlackBerry owner? Let us know in the comments below!

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