10 NoSQL Client for Database Administration and Development

In the previous, we explored some of the popular SQL clients, and here, let’s discuss NoSQL clients for efficient administration and development.

Databases are the heart of almost every Internet and enterprise application I can think of. The demands for scale, speed, and fast application development have brought a novel breed of NoSQL databases. Since thedatabases vary with their definitions, structure, and functions, the tool/client required to work with them also varies.

The following NoSQL database management tools will help you to improve productivity.  Each tool discussed below has decent UI, which gives you a user-friendly development experience.

NoSQL Client

The name itself is; earlier, it was called mongoclient. It is available with desktop, docker, and web distribution. If you are new to the development in the NoSQL world, It’s recommended to get started with the desktop distribution. If you are familiar with, then it’s better to use docker build.

It supports LDAP, Kerberos, X509 authentication, and some of the other features include the following.

  • Live charts for active collection read/write operations and Live monitoring for memory and database statistics.
  • Smart MongoDB shell with auto-completion
  • File (GridFS) management
  • Aggregation pipeline tool,  drag & drop stages  in between your pipeline list
  • Multiple result views with keeping their history and query vouge
  • Schema analyzer (using variety.js)
  • Field auto-completion for queries


lets you visually explore your data. Run ad-hoc queries in seconds. Interact with your data with full CRUD practically. View and optimize your query performance. It provides you the facility to make smarter decisions about indexing, document validation, and more.


  • Know your data with intrinsic schema visualization
  • Get immediate insight into query performance and server status
  • Visualize, understand, and work along with your geospatial data
  • A higher approach to CRUD makes it easier to interact with your data
  • Understand performance problems  with visual explain plans
  • View utilization and manage your indexes

It is available for Linux, Mac, or Windows.

NoSQL Manager

unites friendly UI and Shell power. It offers an intuitive interface and high performance with support for all the MongoDB and MongoDB Enterprise’s latest features.


  • Fully featured DB GUI Shell with code auto-completion, and syntax highlighting
  • It provides  support for replica sets, standalone hosts and sharded clusters connections
  • The editor comes with three views Tree, Table, and JSON read modes
  • Simple view and management option for all kinds  of MongoDB objects
  • Import tables from MySQL or SQL Server databases
  • Multiple Mongo host database connections
  • Export documents to CSV, XML, XLSX or 

NoSQL Booster

The smartest IDEfor NoSQL DB(formerly MongoBooster) could be a shell-centric cross-platform GUI tool for the NoSQL database, which provides comprehensive server monitoring tools, fluent query builder, SQL query, query code, task scheduling ESNext support, and true IntelliSense experience.


  • Monitor and Tune for Performance
  • Learn MongoDB with Free Interactive Samples
  • Fluent MongoDB Query builder
  • Schema Analyzer
  • Shell Extensions, Using Node Modules, Lodash, Momentjs in Script

Robo Mongo

(formerly Robomongo) is a contemporary, robust, and community-driven MongoDB management tool for MongoDB enthusiasts. This lightweight, open-source tool has cross-platform support and additionally embeds the mongo shell within its interface to provide both shell and GUI-based interaction. It’s developed by the 3T Software package, the team behind Studio 3T, the IDE for MongoDB.


is a professional GUI tool for the NoSQL database. It offers fully-featured shell, in-place editing, multiple levels of authentication, data transfer between databases, and a lot more.


is a modern, native with a friendly GUI tool. It permits you to manage multiple relational as well as non-relational databases such as MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. simultaneously.

It doesn’t store any of your information to their server. All database credentials are safely kept within your computer storage.


is a modern opensource database development and admin tool. You can download for Mac, Windows, Linux.


  • Rich text editor with auto-complete, syntax highlighting, and code info.
  • Unique real-time Performance dashboard.
  • Visual explain plan.
  • Index advisor.
  • Graphical aggregation pipeline builder.
  • One-click access to MongoDB administration commands.
  • Real-time view of user activity.
  • Storage analyzer.
  • SQL queries with Apache Drill.
  • Convert MongoDB commands to Node.js syntax.
  • Data load and unload utility.
  • Profiling manager.
  • Chart builder.

Studio 3T

is an integrated development environment designed particularly for teams working with NoSQL Database:


  • Autocomplete queries with IntelliShell
  • Drag and drop fields to build queries visually
  • Use SQL, with INNER and OUTER joins, to query DB
  • Generate driver-code from SQL or shell into PHP, Python, Javascript, and others
  • Effortlessly compare and synchronize data
  • Build aggregation queries stage by stage
  • Automate and schedule repetitive MongoDB tasks

Aqua Data Studio

is a universal, integrated development environment for NoSQL databases and visual analytics.


  • Modern and intuitive GUI
  • Flexible administration and management of databases.
  • Powerful SQL editor, visual query builder, and ER diagram modeler.
  • In-depth comparison of schema, data, or files, and synchronization of schema
  • Easily integration with version control systems for SQL and files
  • Provides connectivity to 30+ data sources including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM Db2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, Cassandra, Snowflake, and generic ODBC


I hope the above clients helps you to manage NoSQL databases more efficiently.